Pad Preparation Guidance

Before Installation of the tank, please ensure that you have prepared the space according to the specifications below. It is important that you follow all procedures for the safety of your tank and our staff.

Pre-Installation Responsibility

The Tank pad is the responsibility of the customer.

The tank pad must be flat and level over the entire pad.

If the site is level, the Tank Pad needs to be 150mm thick clean free draining sand (sand is recommended) or blue metal crusher dust (5mm or less), 2m wider than the tank. The sand or blue metal dust does not need to be compacted, but the site under the pad must be firm and compacted.

If the site is not level, it is recommended the site be levelled with road base or a firm material compacted into place before building a Tank pad with sand or blue metal dust.

Water must be put into the tank on the day of installation. This is the responsibility of the customer.

Once the tank has been built the customer must place aggregate (20mm size rock) around the base of the tank (75mm thick and 400mm wide). The installation team must have access to the site with a level area to work and unload the tank material. If the pad is not to these standards the customer is responsible for and will be charged for all costs incurred and wages.

Pad Sizing Reference

Tank Code Tank Diameter Liters Pad Diameter Sand Water
(M) (L) (M) M3 Min Litres
MT28 3.931 27,536 5.9 5 2500
MT40 4.717 39,651 6.7 7 3500
MT53 5.503 53,970 7.5 8 5000
MT70 6.289 70,492 8.2 10 6000
MT90 7.076 89,267 9 12 7000
MT110 7.862 110,200 9.8 14.5 8000
MT133 8.648 133,336 10.6 16.5 8500
MT158 9.434 158,674 11.4 20 9000
MT186 10.22 186,216 12.2 22 10000
MT216 11.007 215,960 13 25 11000
MT256 11.793 247,908 13.8 29.5 12000
MT282 12.579 282,058 14.5 34 15000
MT320 13.365 318,411 15.36 36 28000